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Vijay Darda and his wife have a total of Rs 3,39,58,3963 Crore+in jewelries, ornaments, and diamonds. Other assets like values of intSlide3erests/claims are estimated to Rs 18,20,00,11618 Crore+for the couple in various companies including Bore well at Bhari, Agriculture Drip Irrigation System, Devendra printers, Electric motor Pump at Bhari, Prithvi Enterprises, Furniture and Fixtures, Godown at Yavatmal, Painting and Portrate, Ingot (Stamp) Pride of India, JAS Infrastructure, Shro Ashok Jain, Kishore Darda, Jawahernagar Enterprises at Yavatmal, Veenadevi Darda, Black Diamond Agro Pvt Ltd., Gold Soil Agro Pvt Ltd., and  Rajnigandha Growers P Ltd.

The assets encompass Deposit at Building Main, advances for Delhi flat, advances to Butiboru Land and N Britti. This means that Vijay Darda has a total of Rs 21,15,09,96821 Crore+as movable assets and his wife has Rs 11,46,45,49411 Crore+. According to the same report, the total of movable assets for the influential couple is estimated to Rs 32,61,55,46232 Crore+.

The report revealed also the immovable assets of Mr. Darda and his wife in Agricultural and non-agricultural land, buildings, houses, and others. Vijay Darda has Rs 2,41,16,1932 Crore+in agricultural land and Rs 2,48,63,3842 Crore+in non-agricultural land.

The report showed that the couple has Rs 3,41,53,6063 Crore+in buildings and commercial offices. Mr. Darda and his wife have Rs 8,97,98,4148 Crore+. In addition, the report revealed that Mr. Darda does not have loans from banks and financial institutions.



The CBI closed 2 cases of Coalgate involving the Abhijeet group based in Nagpur and VijayDarda, the Congress Member of Parliament on the grounds of absence of prosecutable proof. This move was preceded by another one. The CBI closed so far four Coalgate cases.

This is a relief for Vijay Darda even if he is involved in another case of Coalgate. The cases closed are related to JLD Yavatmal Pvt Ltd and JAS Infrastructure that received blocks on Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. Jayaswals and Darda were the directors of these companies and the Member of Parliament named himself as accused in the FIR against JLD Yavatmal.

In September 2012, the CBI recorded an FIR against JLD Yavatmal Pvt Ltd and JAS Infrastructure and carried also searches at different places after questioning numerous persons encompassing Manoj Jayaswal, Rajendra Darda, Vijay’s brother who was the cabinet minister in Maharashtra government, Darda, and his son Devendra.

The agency concluded in its shutting report on JLD Yavatmal that the officers did not gather any evidence to prove apparent commission of felony under sections 420 (cheating) and 120-B (criminal conspiracy) against the firm. In addition, the CBI stated, in its final report, that there is no proof of any bribe or mala fide relationship between the public servant and the accused firm. According to the final report that the agency filed in the special law court in Delhi, such evidence did not appear during the progress of investigation. Therefore, due to lacking evidence, the CBI requested the court to accept the final report.

VijayDarda was quoted as accused in the case involving JLD Yavatmal. In its final report related to this case, the agency revealed that the investigating officers could not prove that the mentioned company obtained gratuitous profit from ministry of coal with concern to non-statement of earlier coal blocks to its associate/group companies. The CBI added that nothing considerable emerged to prove any component of criminal conspiracy and cheating between the directors of firm and the administrators of coal ministry.

Recently, the agency charged Vijay Darda for wrongdoings in distribution of Bander coal mass to AMR Iron and Steel that is the third firm connected to Darda-Jayaswal. The application forms alleged, initially, that Dardas-Jayaswals mentioned AMR, JLD, and JAS as particular purpose vehicles for a big consortium of firms such as Lokmat, Inertia, and IDFC, IL&FS group. The investigating officers found later that the claim was false. The cases were among the first few FIRs of the agency that were recorded in September 2012.

The CBI alleged initially that, between 1999 and 2005, the group received 7 coal blocks and they did not reveal this allocation during the meeting of the screening committee and in their application form.

So far, out of the 19 FIRs recorded, the agency has shut 4 cases against JLD Yavatmal and JAS Infrastructure, Vikash Metals Pvt Ltd, Power and Kamal Sponge Pvt Ltd. Last month, the CBI informed also the Supreme Court that it is officers are closing investigation against twenty firms for lack of evidence.


VijayDarda, member of Rajya Sabha asked Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra government, to facilitate the establishment of an automobile hub in Vidarbha in order to generate job opportunities and attract investment in the region.

In a letter to the Chief Minister, the Member of Parliament said that the industry of automobile has the prospective to generate large employment opportunities. Since a single major unit supports 100 to 300 subsidiary units, the government should establish an automobile center in Nagpur.

According to Vijay Darda, for the last three years, he tried to follow the problem with the Maharashtra government. The Member of Parliament said that he wrote to Prithviraj Chavan, former Chief Minister, and Pratful Patel, the then Minister of Heavy Industries, on the issue. He mentioned also in the same letter that Jawaharlal Darda, the then state minister of industries, made an effort to bait auto industry to the region of Vidarbha.

Tractor plant of Mahindra & Mahindra was established in MIDC and is running successfully. According to the chairman of the Lokmat Group, the plant started just with five tractors daily and currently the capacity has increased to 250 tractors daily.

Vidarbha is the perfect region to establish an industry thanks to its healthy weather round the year, world class social and industrial infrastructure, and geo-centric site. Vijay Darda said that the region needs just a strong promotion by providing tax and sops concessions. He added that if the state government set up the automobile center in the region, it will generate job opportunities in the 11 districts of the area.

On another matter, government told Rajya Sabha that a company based in Holland conducted a technical study about a waterway between Agra and Delhi. According to Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport and Shipping, the task report for the waterway is already complete. He revealed that he met already the Delhi government three times on the project. He said also that a project to clean river Yamuna between Haldia and Varanasi has also started. The project costs Rs 4200 crore.

The Delhi and Centre government have started jointly the project in which Delhi Municipal Corporation and Delhi Development Authority have joined also. The answer of Nitin Gadkari followed the issue raised by member of Congress Digvijay Singh about the pollution in river Yamuna in Delhi. The Congress member reproached the central government of not achieving the promises made by the preceding government about cleaning the river. According to Singh, the only way to clean the river Ganga is to de-pollute Yamuna.

Shiv Sena and Congress members, in another mention, requested the central government to intervene on the problem of suicide among farmers. VijayDarda accused the government to abandon the farmers as they fight famine and snowfall.

VijayDarda said that more than 640,000 farmers rely on rain to do agriculture in the region. According to the Congress member, the government waits for God to help farmers surviving under harsh climate.